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Sebastian Leitner


Sebastian Leitner is based in Berlin, Germany but was born in Vienna, Austria. Being a big fan of the Hollywood of the 90s & 00s, he's what you would call a film-buff. A decade of experience brought out his specialties: Portraits, snappy trailer editing, (classical) music and comedy.

His debut feature “Noseland”, a music mockumentary w. John Malkovich & Roger Moore, premiered at IFF Karlovy Vary in 2012 – also awarded “Most Entertaining Documentary” in the US the same year. It got him NOMINATED for “BEST EDITING” at IFF Madrid in 2012. He was again nominated for it in 2017 for “Cairo Jazzman”, his second music docu-feature, which premiered at IFF Rotterdam in 2017.

Currently working on his third cinema documentary about female singers in Iran – to be released 2020.

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