Finally: DCP professional reveals the truth about cinema and festival films and promises:

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After this video you will not wait to show everyone your own movie with pride.

Opinions on the video course

Ehsan Haghighat

A strongly recommended Masterclass imparting important knowledge about Digital Cinema Package which cannot be found anywhere else. The DCP topic has taken on an important role today. Unfortunately, many people still create their own DCPs with half knowledge. Thanks to Sebastian Leitner, who shares many years of experience and his know-how with everyone. A step-by-step guide to a professional DCP.

Ehsan Haghighat Head Instructor Film at SAE Institute Berlin
Mark Deere

The DCP I created worked perfectly (and looked amazing) when I previewed it in the cinema last night, and I doubt I could’ve produced it so quickly and confidently without having your recommended, tried and tested values from the book to use for my DCP’s settings. Really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with filmmakers for such a reasonable price. Thanks man!

Mark Deere

Let's be honest ... You just landed here because you want to bring your movie to the big screen!!

Now you have finally finished your film and now have to create a DCP, so that the movie ever runs in the cinema. However, your budget is tight and you therefore want to do without expensive agencies.

Promise: You are now experiencing 3 revelations that will initially disappoint you and then make you happy. I'll tell you now:

  • The nasty, naked truth about CINEMA.
  • What lies you are served by cinema agencies to make you dependent on them.
  • The only honest way you can realistically understand complex DCPs and get your audience excited around the world.

We would like to explain briefly why it is all the more important for us to be 100% honest with you and to tell you nothing but the truth.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangerous half-knowledge out there on the internet and an incredible number of gurus who are constantly nagging you with lies to convince you to buy expensive services and make you dependent on them ...

However, it is even worse:

I'll come to this shocking reality soon ... but now: The only certified and serious way, with which you bring every film in the cinema safely to work:

There is only one way you can get any film on the movie or festival screen, claim other service providers. All the agencies and misinformation out there are just "lies" and thought-out "fairytale stories" that you want to simplify the following:

CINEMA works only if you use professional support as a service. Period. It does not work differently.

Cinema is a complex and self-contained unit. The big movie makers have teamed up to prevent manipulation and piracy. To be able to play a movie on any cinema system, the movie must be converted into a DCP (digital cinema package).

Brief overview of how you can play your film perfectly in the cinema.

Once your movie has been mastered as a DCP, any movie theater in the world can play your movie in the best sound and picture quality. For this, however, a DCP must first be created. Without DCP, no cinema server can read the data.

So that means: It does not work without DCP. There is only one way to get your movie to the screen in perfect quality. By converting your film to a so-called digital cinema package, guaranteeing high-resolution image quality and crystal-clear sound quality.

Those who want to tell you that your film with Bluray or USB stick like magic in the cinema can be played, they tell you simply fairytale stories. The rest, the rumors are all lies.

Worst of all, making a DCP is a science for many and is usually no fun.

  • Your friends and work colleagues advise you to high-paying agencies, which you supposedly want to save a lot of work.
  • Expertise is required to create a DCP: this means:
  • Less time for the daily business
  • Less budget for marketing
  • Less desire for an own cinema production
  • Failure and bad mood
  • Your discipline will be put to the test: You will have to give up your free time even though you have already spent so much time in your film.
  • For 90% of the people this is unfortunately the truth: Cinema is from yesterday, who goes to the cinema. I prefer to stay at home.
  • The second killer is already: You do not come to the cinema anyway, because nobody wants to see your movie!

The conclusion is relentless: It is a huge ordeal to get your own movie in the cinema and thus actually be successful.

How should you manage to get a movie in the cinema next to your job, friends, hobbies and family?

Of course it is possible, but at what price? We have told you that we will disappoint you first. But we also told you that you will be happy again ... that comes now.

You have just heard:

  • 1. The unpleasant, bare truth about cinema and festival films.
  • 2. How the film agencies lie to you with all the services and fairytale stories.

Let us now come to the promised third point.

The following will open your eyes and make you happy. Promised.

We as filmmakers have always asked ourselves:

Why is there really no way you can easily bring your own movie to the cinema, which is easy to implement and it is also fun?

Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal to develop exactly such a method:

This method is not a panacea, you just once everything translates and all your movies as if by magic in the cinema. There is no such thing and it would be just another lie that you can not believe.

It is also not a new fashion technique, with which you can publish a few movies at short notice and immediately go to Hollywood.

We filmmakers, Sebastian Leitner and I, Sven Sulik wanted to develop a method that will allow you to master your own movie as DCP without ever having to invest a lot of time and money and not end up with your movie can be played because any error has occurred.

If you look at the biggest challenges in the DCP mastering, then you can identify three PLUS a problem area:

  • Your movie must be mastered as a digital cinema package for it to run
  • You can not rely on rumors
  • You harm your success if your movie can not be played
  • To create a DCP, you need knowledge and experience

Your COACH and helper

Sebastian Leitner

Sebastian Leitner is based in Berlin, Germany but was born in Vienna, Austria. Being a big fan of the Hollywood of the 90s & 00s, he's what you would call a film-buff.

The biggest problems

 We at digital cinema mastering Workshop... are here to make it easy for you!

Simple means for us:

  • You can easily create your own DCP yourself at home.
  • It is 100% playable around the world.
  • You understand every step and feel safe, content and can clone your film so many times, with the result: to be able to experience your movie in every movie.

We present: Perhaps the best video course in the world - to produce successful movies quickly and safely.

  • The unique professional video course
  • Just bring your movie to any cinema without an agency
  • Fast results through extremely valuable expert knowledge

Simple and successful cinema production

Tested for you: how do you manage to bring your own movie to every cinema in the world?

That's what you've learned from us - The only way you can get your movie into the cinema in the best sound and image quality is to create a digital cinema package.

You can bring your own movie to the cinema.

Digital cinema mastering workshop is incredibly easy:

  • As of now, you are learning to bring your own movie to the cinema as a DCP
  • This saves you on average $ 1443 per DCP and are just as successful as if you would hire an expensive agency.
  • Just great: digital cinema mastering workshop feels very easy and makes you a DCP master.

Advantage # 1: This video course makes it easy and cheap!

Here is the comparison of our video course to an agency

Advantage # 2: Quick and easy implementation

Advantage # 3: Excellent picture and sound results

And here is the proof:

Did you know that you have to spend about $ 120.000 to get a movie in 20 cinemas?

Thus, the bill is quite simple: You produce your own DCP once and clone it as often as you want, without having to pay for another DCP each time.

(We recommend you at least 1 backup DCP in DCI standard quality ...)

... and that's twice as much DCPs per movie, which will cost you even less.

(We recommend you at least 1 backup DCP in DCI standard quality ...)

So again: The advantages of digital cinema mastering workshop:

  • You can produce your own movie as many times as you want.
  • You are completely independent of expensive agencies.
  • You decide in which aspect ratio your film should be shown.
  • The digital cinema workshop video course will help you create a 100% DCP that can be played all over the world without any loss of quality.
  • You can bring your movie to any movie theater right away and you do not have to wait for any outside service.
  • Excite your viewers in breathtaking sound and image quality over and over again.
  • Produce for other DCPs and get extra financial cushion.
  • It will not come to any unexpected additional bills, so that your movie can really be played.

As you can see, we at digital cinema mastering workshop have gone to great lengths to develop something that will allow you to produce so many films every day, to bring your own movies to the biggest screens in the world, and to get a lot of recognition and attention for yours to get creative performance.

You will love these special features!

The official promise to you:
For this we stand with our name.

Fantastic easy

We humans work like this: What we want to find great we want again. This is exactly how we have created a digital cinema mastering workshop for you. It's so easy, that you want more and more and at the same time be able to produce more films.

Fast and permanent
cinema successes

With the digital cinema mastering workshop you will almost automatically come to a cinema. This means: You feel fast success in the color design and implementation and feel safe after a short time in the DCP creation.

Be creative and easy.

With the digital cinema mastering workshop you can easily and quickly reach your audience. Your viewers finally feel comfortable in the cinema and experience your film in breathtaking quality.

Secure your digital cinema mastering workshop now at the absolute introductory price!

Your digital cinema mastering workshop video course includes:

In the value of:

$ 129,00

Understand DCP

Extensive explanations will help you to understand how to build DCP so you can create a fully functional DCP yourself later.

In the value of:

$ 299,00

Create DCP

How to create a 100% playable DCP yourself. This is simply explained to you step by step in examples.

In the value of:

$ 329,00

Check & transfer DCP

So that every DCP server in the world accepts your DCP and you can guarantee the best film quality.

Total value of:

$ 757,00

Divided into these modules



12% from the video course

Play time

  • Introduction

    The cinema is still the master class. What are the problems in the cinema and who is Sebastian Leitner. Where did Sebastian get his knowledge from? What mistakes does he always have on the table? Why not use Bluray? What is the reality?

12:21 minutes

  • Why DCP often does not work?

    What are we doing in this workshop? Short presentation of the individual topics, each of which will be discussed in detail in this video course. What are the most misconceptions?
    The small overview helps quickly which programs are not good at creating a professional DCP.

10:28 minutes

  • Myth-Busting

    What are the biggest differences between DCP and Bluray? Which quality differences are there exactly? Why should you really renounce Bluray in the cinema? What features can a DCP perform better than a traditional Bluray?

09:18 minutes

  • History Lesson

    When did cinema become digital? How did the high-end cinema start? Who was responsible? Which guidelines are there? Which still exist today? To understand the cinema you should understand the origin. Sebastian explains the standards of every cinema in the world.

05:51 minutes


Technical requirements

66% from the video course

Play time

  • Technicalities

    Here we go right down to the bottom. You learn resolution, bit deth, color space, compression, image bit rate, audio. Assitinally for many festivals, formats and many other things are explained by Sebastian.

36:12 minutes

  • Framerate

    What is the correct frame rate? What are the correct image information for a cinema server? Which properties should be considered to deliver the best results? Which camera setting should be used? What is the global standard for the entire world?

11:01 minutes

  • Prerequisites

    Why is cinema mastering so interesting for beginners? How do you achieve the best picture quality? What monitor settings are correct to set the correct color space? How exactly do you have to adjust your screen so that there are no surprises in the cinema?

12:07 minutes

  • Color Spaces

    In which color space does the eye work? And in which color spectrum do we work in the cinema? How can you get the best picture signal? How is the picture different to your PC monitor? What do you have to adjust, so that the picture looks like you want?

13:21 minutes

  • Mastering in Resolve

    How can you turn your finished movie into a playable DCP? What exact attitude do you have to pay attention, so that the software spends everything correctly? Which version can DCP create and which codec is used?

02:51 minutes

  • Mastering in Resolve LOG

    How can you restore the colors in Resolve? So that the original colors are displayed in the cinema. What exactly is LOG? What is the process? Why is LOG so important in the cinema?

01:13 minutes

  • Gamma Transformation

    Which brightness and darkness are shown in the cinema? How bright and dark is your finished film in the cinema? Which guideline values ​​are decisive for the best result?

01:21 minutes

  • Full VS Legal Range

    What is Full VS Legal Range? What is the biggest problem? What is the correct interpretation? What else is there for problems when you have to work with different signals? Because you can not test your movie right in the cinema.

04:57 minutes

  • FPS Conforming

    What do you mean with that? What are the differences between USA and Europe? Why images and sound may differ if you use wrong values. How do you reconcile a new frame rate with your sound?

08:21 minutes

  • Quality Check

    How can you test your DCP after DCP creation? So that it can be played in any cinema in the world. So that the sound is played synchronously to the picture. And so that you play the correct sound channel.

06:22 minutes

  • Transfer & Cloning

    How is your finished data package now copied to a disk without creating bugs that will not let your DCP play in the cinema because the server detects every error. How can you show your movie in several cinemas at the same time? And what is the difference between copying and cloning? Why is that so important?

04:23 minutes

  • Hard disk options

    Why you should use the right hard drive? How to format your disk correctly? Which attitude do you have to consider? Which compatible systems are available in the market? Sebastian shows you some examples.

03:23 minutes

  • DCP export

    Sebastian shows you typical examples of a faulty DCP. In the real situation you need some knowledge. He explains the best practice. Which export rules you have to observe. And what code you have to keep in mind so that your own DCP has no mistakes.

10:09 minutes


The whole process from 0 to 100

100% from the video course

Play time

  • From 0 to 100

    These video sequences were requested by our customers. Sebastian will be happy to show you the step by step instructions to create your own DCP. To make it realistic, there is even a software error at the end. But this will of course be solved.

1:01:25 hour

  • From 0 to 100 (PART II)

    After Sebastian has explained everything to you and the error has occurred, he now shows you how to fix it again. These two videos are by far the most important ones from the entire video course. Convince yourself.

1:20:10 hour



100% from the video course

Play time

  • How loud is a Movie?

    How loud should a movie be? There are no standards. But are the limits? Which volumes are better? Louder or quieter? Sebastian gives you a little encore here?

04:35 minutes

  • Re-Wrap in DCP-o-matic

    How to save your DCP with a cheap way. Which program can help you the easiest. What you need for that and how fast that shows you Sebastian.

01:38 minutes

  • How to adjust your monitor correctly?

    Sebastian shows the difference between different players. How to easily and quickly bring your monitor into the right color space, so you can edit your movie better. Plus: what color aberrations are there?

04:54 minutes

  • Banding fix

    As you can see below, there are extreme differences, whether you can show 8 bit or 10 bit in the cinema. How to save this difference with a trick. This has already saved many customers the ass.

03:27 minutes


XXL BONUS: DCP examination certificate

100% from the video course

check time

  • Did you understand everything?

    Can you master your own error-free DCP? Then we give you your personalized exam. No joke. If you can answer all the questions correctly, you will receive your own certificate.

    So that you can prove to your customers what you’ve got.

about 10 minutes

NEW: How to get your movie to the cinema!

This is a simple video tutorial for creating a DCP package (Digital Cinema Package). From the basics to the practical implementation you will find out everything here!


Your access is ready after the purchase immediately!

Example lesson


This is a simple video tutorial for Banding fix! Quick trick to save the 10-bit quality in the cinema.

watch this video

But first a word of warning: This is an absolute introductory offer. The prices that you see on this page are only valid for the introduction of the video course and as long as the video course is still available under these conditions.

So if you do not see a button on this page right now, the number of participants is completely sold out.

Unfortunately, we are still a small company that can not invest in large server data volumes.

But: If you now see a button, then I would like to ask you:

Starting today, master your own movies on DCP. Do not let yourself be manipulated by this whole company that wants to make you know that a DCP can only be done by professionals.

Because honestly, what happens if you do not go now and try to produce your own films with the digital cinema mastering workshop video course?

Probably nothing will happen ... Because: How will you feel if you are going to see a movie in the big cinemas of the world exactly one year from now ... and not your movie?

You will feel the same as you do now ... You will not be happy with you and your movie. You might even wonder after what happened to your movie. Would your life have been different then?

Whether you could probably get as much attention with your film and your life would change completely, as you just imagine ...

So: now take the step and start taking your life in the hand and finally bring your movie to the cinema. Because we at digital cinema mastering workshop are your serious partner at your side, who will not let you down on this journey.

Now click on the button and get your future favorite video course from digital cinema mastering workshop.

You are a great filmmaker. Point.


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