DCP Examination Certificate

DCP Certificate

All choices have their own meaning and part in DCP mastering, can you define and categorise them?

Do you know what they refer to, describe or what makes them different?

You passed if you got all the answers right but if you can do the above you are a true master of DCP mastering. Well done!

What is the legacy but still most compatible, international DCI standard called?

What is the minimum, very common resolution used for a DCP?

And what is the corresponding aspect ratio to this resolution?

And which term refers to this ratio?

Which is the only worldwide compatible frame rate for a DCP?

What is the standard bit depth of a DCP?

What’s the white point for a standard DCI projector?

Which color space does a DCP use?

Which compression algorithm does DCP use?

Mark the right gamma value for cinema.

What is the most important part of DCP mastering referred to as?

Mark the recommended, safe bitrate (mbit/ s) for a 2K DCP.

What’s the right (SMPTE standard) channel mapping for 5.1 surround sound?

Name the maximum number of available audio channels in total.

How many characters per line are recommended for subtitles?

And at what font size (Arial)?

What’s the speed change value for FPS conform of 24 <-> 25?

What does HRI refer to (not the meaning)?

Mark the most important part of cloning.

Name the most common, legacy, DCI hard drive file format.

And which ‘inode size’ does it use?

What’s the recommended, minimum level of ‘chroma subsampling’ for source footage?

How to deal with banding?

What’s the recommended, minimum audio channel count and mix?

Name the only compatible audio format for a Digital Cinema Package.